• ***NEW** Matches are at 1:30 PM on Tuesdays and on Fridays.
    • Ernie will maintain a contact list of all WTF players. If your phone # or email changes please let Ernie know ASAP at . He will send all WTF members a new contact list when there are changes. Players wanting a new contact list will need to send an email to Ernie as this list will not be on the website for security reasons.
    • Ernie will set up a schedule 3 times a year, like John did, for the WTF players in the normal rotation. (Dec–Mar) (Apr-Jul) and (Aug-Nov). All WTF members will get a pdf file before each new session that will have a current contact list and the new schedules. If you need another copy, please see the section 'Contact & Schedule Information' below.
    • If you can not play, you must get a substitute.  If you were ‘B & B’ then your sub is ‘B & B’. You will need to let Don know ASAP who your sub is. If you have a problem getting a sub you need to contact Thurston or Don.
    • Weather: we do not play if the heat index is at or above 90 or is at 38 or below. 
      Don is responsible for canceling play due to rain or temperature.

      because several WTFers still work and our communications are by email, the 1:30 PM start time can NOT be moved up due to rain. If the start time is moved back due to wet courts, it is up to Don to be sure all players are notified.
      **NEW** as of 1/2016
      • On the day before a play-day, when the forecast for rain at game-time is greater than 50%, "scheduled" players may choose to change the 1:30 p.m. starting time to increase the likelihood that they will play.
      • Scheduled players may also decide not to play at 7 Oaks and instead seek indoor court time elsewhere.
      • These choices must be in multiples of four so that players who prefer to take their chances of play at 7 Oaks at 1:30 p.m. may do so and still be part of a viable foursome.
      • Any scheduled player can ask via email for a change of time or venue and then coordinate the responses. If one of the players prefers not to change, at least three others must remain committed to the 1:30 p.m. play at 7 Oaks. If eight or more are scheduled, "first-come, first-served" will apply to determining who can make a change.
      • The "Weather Underground" web site will be used exclusively to determine "greater than 50%" chance of rain.

      • We do not play if the temperature is 92 or above at 1:30 pm. Don will decide if we play 24 hours in advance. If any weather service is predicting the temperature to be 92 or higher at 1:30 pm for our WTF play, then he will cancel WTF 24 hours early. Once Don cancels, his work is done.
      • Please wait for Don to cancel before trying to see who wants to play the next morning.
        [for days where it is obvious that the temperature will be not be less than 92, Don can cancel 48 hours early]

      • Don can cancel WTF anytime on the day before the scheduled play if the local forecast calls for a temperature of 38 or less at 1:30 PM the next day.

    • If you are not playing and want to set up another court, please wait until 2 days before the date to contact WTF members.  This will allow normal rotation players who can not play first dibs on our subs.  One player needs to bring beer & balls and please let Don know that you have added another court.
    • Cards will be picked to decide who plays on which court and who your partner will be. If the first set ends up 6-0, 6-1 or 6-2 then players must change partners and play Mad Dog (each set with a different partner). For set #2, the person who just served is teamed with the person who is to serve next. If a 3rd set is played, then players who have not been partners in first 2 sets will be partners.

Email Ernie to get our roster or the current schedule.

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